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Wuxi Hisky Medical Technologies Co., Ltd

Founded in 2010 as a leading manufacturer of transient elastography in China. Hisky has installed more than 1,700 devices in 30 countries, and has obtained CE, CFDA, and FDA 510(k) clearance.

Glass Buildings

Feature Benefits

One-probe-for-all, with wide frequency range and detection depth (15-85 mm)

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Other brand


Features foot switch to reduce disturbance for your measurement for all models

Automatic adjustment for skin and fat tissue thickness

Supports spleen stiffness measurement

Clinical Proof

Validated against biopsy for various chronic liver disease etiologies

Similar diagnostic accuracy 

compared to the other brand

High success rate, high reliability rates

Model Options

iLivTouch FT100

Portable transient elastography with reimagined features to assist you to obtain reliable liver stiffness measurements and ultrasound attenuation parameters.


iLivTouch FT9000

Perfect choice for any multi-departmental use in hospitals.


iLivTouch Mini 800

Everything that FT100 has, but with added wireless ultrasound capabilities to support you to visualize liver and spleen morphology.


iLivTouch Plus 9000

Ultimate choice for your liver care. Equipped with Doppler ultrasound to assess native liver vessel flows and TIPS.

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